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Solitaire: Klondike tips and strategies

Below are a few general strategy tips for playing Klondike Solitaire. If you follow these suggestions you should have a better chance of completing the game without getting stuck.

1) Make it your first priority to move cards within the columns or to the stack piles. Then use the stock as a last resort when you get stuck.

2) Some players suggest taking one pass through the stock pile without playing any cards from it. That way you can determine what cards are in the stock pile and the best way to use them.

3) Focus on turning over cards in the longest columns first. If you don't reduce the length of the long columns early in the game, you will likely get stuck later on.

4) It is generally a good idea to build your suit stacks evenly.

5) It is sometimes not a good idea to play exactly three cards in a row from the stock. If you do, the order of the remaining cards will not be changed next time through the deck.

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