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Tic Tac Toe: How to Play

To play Tic Tac Toe you will need a sheet of paper and a pencil. This is a two-person game, so you will need someone to play against.


Start by drawing a grid like the one shown below.

tictactoe grid

Next, decide which player will be X's and which will be O's.

The player who is using X's goes first. That player marks an X in any of the nine sections of the grid.

Now the other player marks an O in any unused section of the grid.

Alternate turns until one player has all three of their symbols in any row or diagonal, or until all spaces of the grid have been used. In the diagram below, X wins.

x wins

If neither player was able to get three symbols in a row or diagonal, the game is a draw. Nobody wins.

Next game, switch symbols.

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